Terms of Use


(the customer)

  • choose what data is shared with third parties
  • keep full copyright to your content
  • can use pseudonyms or be anonymous
  • can cancel or change your subscription at any time
  • can request a refund within the first 14 days for unused accounts
  • can delete your account and your data
  • can recover a cancelled account by re-subscribing
  • may create more than one account by subscribing more than once

however, you…

  • must be human. We don’t allow registration, login or use by bots or scripts
  • must have a valid, active, paid subscription plan
  • must enable cookies for this website
  • must also agree to the terms of access federations if accessing their services using Indiid
  • must not abuse any third-party services accessed using Indiid.net
  • may not be able to access data you’ve created on third-party services using an Indiid.net account if you close your Indiid.net account (it depends on the third-party service)
  • cannot recover a deleted account
  • accept that Indiid.net is not a fully functional service while it is still in Beta
  • should please contact us immediately if you spot a potential security or privacy problem
  • must not share your account with other people, or tell anyone your passwords
  • must keep your credentials safe and choose appropriately secure credentials
  • should use a modern, secure web browser
  • must be over 18 years old
  • may never be able to regain access to your account if you lose your recovery credentials
  • must not impersonate any real person, living or dead.
  • must not impersonate a representative of any business or organisation (sorry, no satire)
  • must not use the service to send spam or cause Denial of Service or other attacks.
  • must keep your contact details and payment details up-to-date
  • are responsible for any action you take using your Indiid account


(Indiid.net/Digital Identity Ltd)

  • are a small startup charging a small fee for our service, so we cannot guarantee 100% security, uptime or compatibility
  • are in the UK & EU legal jurisdiction
  • are not liable for any costs resulting from using our service
  • provide the service as-is, without warranty
  • only provide technical support in English, via email or web forms.
  • will not send you spam or share your address with marketers
  • can add or remove features at any time
  • may temporarily close the service if a risk to users is discovered
  • are not responsible for the content or terms of sites accessed using Indiid.net
  • will give you two months notice before changing terms
  • will give you three months notice before changing existing subscription fees
  • are registered under the UK’s Data Protection Act 1998
  • will respond to Data Protection Requests for free if made online using a PGP key or certificate
  • do not handle or store credit card information ourselves
  • do not host personal data outside the EU
  • (with the exception of credit card subscriptions)
  • do not show advertising or use tracker cookies
  • do not sell your data or mine it for information
  • do not store the contents of any messages sent using Indiid.net
  • will not grant refunds for active accounts, and will only ever refund the first month’s subscription
  • will inform you about government data requests unless legally prohibited
  • will only respond to government data requests via UK court orders
  • will notify our users of security or privacy breaches
  • encrypt your passwords (using Bcrypt or an equivalent)
  • are not responsible for authentication via third-party authentication services
  • only send web pages over HTTPS (encrypted)
  • can cancel, restrict or suspend your account immediately if notified of abuse, without refund.
  • will not allow anyone else to use your username for two years after you cancel
  • will not pass your data to the purchasing company if Indiid.net is sold, without asking you first
  • do not plan to sell Indiid.net - we aim to build a sustainable long-term business
  • have a separate Cookies page that describes how we use cookies
  • have a separate Privacy Policy page that outlines our approach to user privacy
  • will not make twee videos advertising Indiid.net and won’t use stock photos of improbable models.
  • thank you for reading this.

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