Individual Paid Accounts

A new version of Indiid should be available in late 2020, and until then we are not accepting new paid accounts. Existing paid individual accounts will continue to work.

Free Doormouse Guest Accounts

To signup for a Doormouse Guest account you must be on a Doormouse university network - in most cases this means you must be setting up Doormouse from your room, using a wired connection.

If you are in your room, please go to and click on "Create A New Guest Resident Account"

Doormouse will not detect you if you are using wifi or a phone data connection - you must use a cable connected to your room's ethernet socket.

For support with Doormouse Guest Accounts please contact your university.

Organisation Accounts

If your organisation has provided you with an Indiid signup voucher you can sign up by going to Indiid Signup and following the on-screen instructions

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